Babies sleep for an average of 3,000 hours in the first six months.  However, statistics show that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) occurs in babies within these crucial months and is linked to the baby’s sleeping position, to make baby safe it is important to have a firm mattress, fitted sheet and surrounding walls of the box for comfort and security.

Based on the very successful Finnish tradition, our sleep safe box is a comfortable, safe and portable way for a baby to rest and sleep.

Our sleep safe box serves primarily as a safe and comfortable place for infants to sleep in, similar to a bassinet but more affordable, safe and convenient. The box comes with a high-quality mattress with cover and a cotton fitted bed sheet that offers an excellent and safe sleeping option for the baby. It doubles up as a great bassinet that is equipped with everything you may need for the first few months after childbirth. Our sleep safe box comes with four very useful handles for easy access.

It’s simple, elegant and effective design coupled with a firm mattress has helped promote safe sleeping as recommended by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends a Sleep Safe Box for infants where they can sleep without worry. The boxes have been tested and proved to be safe for babies to sleep in.

The recommended place for placing this box is next to the parent’s bed. Some parents also prefer keeping this box in the living room, where they can continue doing their chores while still watching over their babies. Finally, once the child outgrows the box, it can be used as a toy box, or storage container where you can store your baby’s clothes.

The proper way to use the Sleep Safe Box is to ensure maximum safety of the child. Offering a safe sleep environment for your baby is our top priority.

Here are some important pointers on safe sleep for your child :

1. Always place your baby on his or her back when sleeping, at night and during naps. In addition, you should make sure that there are no pillows, stuffed animals and loose blankets on the box to avoid suffocation.

2. If your baby is in the box, make sure the lid is not in use. The lid is only used for storage purposes.

3. For additional safety: use a Swaddle Blanket or Napsack to increase safety during sleeping.

4. It is recommended that you should only use the mattress that comes with the box.

5 NEVER place the box on soft surfaces like sofas, pillows, and couches. When using the Sleep Safe Box, ensure that you place it on the floor or on a sturdy secure surface such as a coffee or side table.

6. Make sure that your baby does not sleep in an adult bed, chair or couch alone.It is dangerous for adults to sleep with their baby in their bed as they can unintentionally suffocate the baby while sleeping.

7. Room sharing is highly recommended – keeping your baby’s sleeping area in the same room you sleep in is highly recommended as it helps reduce chances of SIDS and infant related deaths.

8. Keep soft objects and toys out of the box when baby is sleeping.

9. NEVER lift or transport the box with the baby inside it as the box can only be carried with a weight of 15 lbs or less. This reduces the incidence of having tripping hazards and harming your child.

10. Avoid products such as sleep positioning gadgets and wedges which can create a risk of entrapment.